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Estate Records of William K. Harris

The state of Alabama
Macon County

Know all by those presents that I Wm. K. Harris levy of sound mind and <illegible> do make and publish this my last will and testament

Item 1st:  It is my pleasure that my debts shall be paid.

Item 2nd:  It is my will and desire that as my wife own in her separate right a considerable estate and not wishing to encumber her estate in any way or embarrass it with the debts of my estate and as I am owing some debts among which part payment on my present farm, I wish my executrix to sell the slaves herein named for the purpose of paying said debts, to wit.  Mary, Aggy, Paralee & child also Sarah Ann & Spence.   The last two if necessary.  The remainder of my estate I desire kept together for the use of my wife and family with the <illegible > wife named.

Item 3rd:  It is my will and desire that all the property I now possess or may hereafter acquire from the estate of my father whether possession or not, after the paying of debts shall become the property of my wife & children and shall be equally divided between them but I do not wish any division except as any one of my children arrive at age or marries, in which exists, they are to receive their respective shares and to accomplish this my executrix may call in three disinterested person to make the distribution.

Item 4:  It is my will and desire that my wife shall keep up my farm.  She is authorized to purchase any stock or to sell any thing off said farm and if she thinks best sell any property and witness the proceeds on other property said sales may be publicly or privately.  I desire that my wife shall act as my executrix and if my personal friend, Thos L McGowan recovers from his present illness, I wish her to advise with & consult him in all her business affairs.  I do not wish my Excutrix whom I hereby nominate my wife, Betsey Jane Harris, to give any bond or make and petition or settlements in the courts.

Witness my hand and seal 4 March 1863
Singed in presence of
R. F. Ligon
W C McIver
Jno. * Johnston

The state of Alabama
Macon County
Wm C. McIver Judge of the Probate Court of said county hereby certify that the instrument annexed here this day in said court & before me been duly sworn to be the last will and testament of Wm K. Harris deceased & with the proof is recorded in Book <illegible> In witness whereof & herein to set my hand this 11th day AD 1863

W C McIver
Judge of Probate

Appraisement of the Negro property of the est. of Wm. K. Harris made on the 2nd day of July 1865 by Robt. A. Johnston, James Veasy and Geo Jones--

Negro Man John about 30 years $2,500.00
" Boy Spencer " 18   1,800.00
"   " Isaiah " 16   1,800.00
" Woman Mary " 50      800.00
"   " Parilee & her two children  
"   " Sarah Ann " 16   1,500.00
" Girl Amy* " 7      900.00


By the first of January Ninth I promise to pay Wm M B Fitzpatrick or bearer Three hundred & fifty dollars for hire of two slaves named Joe and Pep during the year 1860 & furnish each of them two summers & one winter suits, two pair of shoes, hat & blanket. Wm Fitzpatrick to pay physicians bids.

Jany 14th, 186-(?)

Wm. K. Harris