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1910 Census
The Webb family were residents of Bullock County, living in precinct #12, known as Suspension. 

1920 Census
William Webb, Sr and his wife, 2 daughters, Icey and Mattie, and a grandson, who was 1 month old (name was not noted), are now living in Macon County, Tuskegee.

William Webb, Jr, age 25 and Hannah Webb, age 28, are living in Macon County, Tuskegee, with their daughter Jessie, 1 1/2 years old.

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Izear Webb and his
wife Irene celebrated their
50th Wedding Anniversary

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Annie K. Webb
Tuskegee Institute

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Jessie Webb and husband
Charles E. Harris

The brother of Lafayette Marquis Harris, the first president of  the Historical Black College,  Philander Smith College, in Little Rock,  Arkansas.

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Glister Webb

Glister was married to Marie Martin, the daughter of Ms. Elvira Barrow-Martin, known as "Miss Dump" the Tuskegee Midwife.  It has been stated that Ms. Elvira never lost a child in her many years of childbirthing.

Ms. Elvira's sister, Emma Barrow, was married to my granduncle Frank Harris.

My brother Lister Steve Harris, was named after his "Uncle Glister".   Glister was named after a man in Tuskegee who use to sell goods from his horse drawn wagon. The Webb family was very fond of this gentlemen and this was their way of showing respect.

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William Webb, Jr.
(early 1950's)


Celie Allen Rowell-Webb (b.? d.?)
mother of William Webb, Sr.
Father:  Unknown

William (Bill) Webb, Sr. (b. 3/1867d. 5/23//1946) m. 
Sofie Weaver Webb (b. 1/1871 d. 8/30/1948)


William Webb, Jr (b. 7/17/1894 d. 6/4/1966)
Icey (Ida) Webb (b. 10/1898 d. 10/12/1976)
Mattie Webb-Tarver (b. 1904 d.12/23/1976)

William Webb Jr. m.
Hannah Thomas (b. 6/5/1895 d. 7/28/1990)


Jessie Webb (3/31/1918 d. 11/21/1999) m. Charles E. Harris
Glister Webb (b. 2/22/1922) m. Marie Martin
Izear Webb (SL) m. Irene ?
Annie K. Webb (b. 6/17/1932 d. 1987) m. Frederick Martin
m. John Simmons
Milton Webb (b. 4/11/1934 d. 3/29/1997) m. Louise McCullough
William Webb, Jr. (b. 7/4/1937 d. 11/1975) m. Ann Clapp

Siblings of William Webb, Sr.

Jack Allen
Jim Allen
Lee Allen
Edmond Rowell
Matt Rowell
Charles Rowell
Hestaine Rowell
Lula Rowell-Glover

Family of Sophie Weaver Webb

Father:  Joseph Weaver
Mother:  Unknown


Duke Weaver
Amos Weaver
Francis Weaver

Other Family Members

Mary Weaver Martin (Auntie Dump)
Sarah Grover - cousin
Hattie Macon (Aunt Sis)
Nancy Scott - cousin