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Estate Records of Thomas H. Harper

Dollars 10.00 By the twenty fifth day of Dec next I promise to pay John H. Drake for <illegible> ten dollars for value Recd
Jany the 27th 1842.

Thomas H. Harper

This is to show that I have heard from Iamus F. White the agent of John H. Drake for a family of Negroes consisting of a woman by the name of Venus and her seven children, which woman and children I obligate myself to furnish with the following articles of clothing--The woman with three suits of clothing, one of wooling goods, the children be clothed with two suits of clothes, the largest girl of the said Negro woman is to have shoes and blanket and her boy is to have shoes, hat and blanket and her daughter Manah is also to have shoes and blanket.

Thomas H. Harper

$137.50 on the twenty-fifthe day of December next I promise to pay Phebe Bey on bearer one hunred and thirty seven dollars and fifty cents for the hire of a Negro boy. Feb the 23rd 1843

Thomas H. Harper

The State of Alabama, Macon County
Know all men by this <illegible> that I John J. Harper Jr. Adm. of the estate of Thomas H. Harper Deceased have this day sold at Public Autory by virtues of an order of the Hon. Judge of this orphans court of said county. Two Negroes Charlie & Polly. Charles a boy about twenty-five years of age and Polly about the same age and John J. Harper, Sen. being this Highest  & Best Bidder.  The Negroes were auctioned off at the price Charles Seven Hundred and Seventy Nine Dollars and Polly at Six Hundred & Seventeen Dollars.  I do hereby warrant the Negroes sound except the boy Charles which is <illegible> and far from the <illegible> and <illegible> of any other person so far am I am authoris as adm. aforesaid. Given under my hand & seal.  Feb 6th 1844

John J. Harper, Jr. Amds. of the Esate of Thos H. Harper Dead

C A Pinkston

The State of Alabama, Macon County

By virtue of any order granted to the subscriber by the Honorable Judge of the Orphans Court of Macon County to sell certain personal property belonging to the estate of Thomas H. Harper Late of said county Deceased to hereby submit the following report that on the Fifth & Sixth Days of February Eighteen Hundred & Forty Four (1844) & after advertising as required by law I preceded to sell the following discribed personal property to the Persons for the sums following to Wit.

Samuel Nunn

Negroe Boy Named Jessie    731
     "       "         "     Reason    751
     "       "         "     Ellick       732

Littleton Wynn

Negroe Boy Named John      800

John J. Harper, Sen.

Negroe Girl Named Polly      617
Negroe Boy Named Charles  779

Harper, John Jackson
Harper, Lwesson
Minor Heirs of Thomas H. Harper

Inventory and appraisement of the estate of Thomas H. Harper Deceased as made by Elam Willbanks, John H. Harrison, Dudley A. Ruthledge, John Eady & Robert Wynn the appraisers appointed by the Honorable Judge of the Orphan Court of Macon County & State of Alabama.

Note:  The dollar value could represent hiring fees owed to the estate by the above noted appraisers.  Further documents show that Thomas Harper hired out his slaves and received compensation.

Negro Man Named Edmond 600.
Do Do Do John 7.50
Do Do Do Charles 7.50
Do Do Boy Rea* 6.00
Do Do <illeg.> Ellick 6.00
Do Do Do Jesse 6.75
Do Do Do Simon 7.00
Do Do Woman Polly 2.75
Do Do Do Sidney 5.75
Do Do Do Roody ? 6.00
Do Do Do Mina ? 4.00

The inventory of the property of L.T. & J. J. Harper, minor heirs of Thomas Harper deceased as <illegible> for the Honorable Probate Court of Macon County in the State of Alabama.

Boy Charles 1200.00
Do John 1900.00
"    Betty 1200.00
"    David 600.00
"    Bula 200.00
Probable balance owe for Alabama Report
balance on Mei* report 39.00
June 6th 1860 $5164.00

                                                                                              C. C. Flanagan

C. C. Flanagan as Guardian in Account Current with <illegible>
To amount of Lwesson portion of the hire of Boy Charley for the year 1848 - $48.33
To amount of Lwesson portion of the hire of Boy Charley for year 1849           33.33
To amount of Lwesson portion of the hire of Girl Betty 1849                           10.00
To amount of Lwesson portion of hire of Boy Charley for 1850                        41.60
Girl Betty for the year 1850                                                                         15.00
For Lwesson portion of the Hire of Boy John 1850                                           5.00
For Lwesson portion of Charles hire during the year 1851                               50.00
For Lwesson portion of the hire of girl Betty 1851                                           25.00
For the hire of John during the year 1850                                                      10.00
For Lwesson <illegible> portion of the James Harper Estate Des.                   200.00
Balance in favor of <illegible>                                                                   <illegible>

Note:  John J. Harper also received an equitable portion as Lwesson.