Division of the Reuben J. Crews Estate

State of Georgia, Harris County

By virtue of an order from the Honorable the Court of Ordinary of Harris County on the first in December  last to us directs authorizing and requiring us to make a distribution of the Negroes to wit:  Slatia, Celia, Georgiann, Gurmette, Flora, Sam, Moses, Marthann, Lucinda & Milly belonging to the estate of Reuben J. Crews late of said county deceased among the distributors of said estate.  We preceded this day  to the discharge of that duty and submit the following  at the result,  there being sworn ? of said estate (to wit) Charles C. Crews and Lucindos Crews of full age and James. M. Crews, George Crews, Flemming Crews, Jackson P. Crews, Sarah Crews,  minor heirs of said deceased, we divided the above negroes into seven shares when it appearing to us that in accordance with the last will of said deceased, Charles Crews has received a Negro Boy by the name of Marcus valued at eight hundred dollars and Lucindas Crews has received also a certain Negro boy valued at seven hundred dollars.

The shares were numbered & were assigned at the distributes in the following manner  to wit:  the names of the distributes were written on a piece of paper and placed in a hat-- the numbers were written on another piece of paper and put in another hat.  The hats were both welll shaken.  A name was then drawn from the hat containing the names then a number from the hat containing the numbers and in that manner continued till all have drawn. The following is the result--

No. 1    Flemming Crews
No. 2    Sarah Crews
No. 3    Geo M. Crews
No. 4    Jackson P. Crews
No. 5    James M. Crews
No. 6    C. C. Crews
No. 7    Lucindas Crews

No. 1 consisted of a Negro Woman Flora valued at $850 and Martha a negro girl valued at $600 making the blance of Lot No. 1 $1,450.00 Janet & Milly valued at $1,150.00
No. 3 consisted of Cely & Stasia two negro women valued at $1,360.00
No. 4 consisted of Marcus a negro man valued at $950.00
No. 5 consisted of a Negro Woman Georgiann valued at $900.00
No. 6 consisted of a Negro Boy and Girl (?) Warren & Lucinda valued at $1,200.00
No. 7 consisted of two Negro Boys Green and Sam valued at $1,400.00

Jany 1st, 1855

Nathan Passmore
Henry L. Lowe
Thomas P Park

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