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Estate Records of Mary C. Wilson

1859 Capt John Hollingshead Guardian for Mary Wilson minor

To W R Cunnigham

Pay visit for Negro Jane at Tatans (?) $3.00
Consultation Dr. Perry                       $11.00

Rec'd payment May 10th 1869

W R Cunningham
L A Cunningham

Transcribers Note:  Please refer to the estate records of Samuel T. Wimberly for more information regarding the slave Jane and her infant son.

August 1859 Capt. J. Hollingshead Guradian for Mary C. Wilson

Dr. L W Hodnett MD

For mileage & consultation for Negro girl Jane

Rec'd payment $11.00

Jany 29th 18??

L W Hodnett

Received of John Hollingshead in full payment for expenses for Jane Negro woman belonging to Mary C. Wilson mnor twenty-five dollars.

February 2nd 1864

Also taking care the child for one month.

Elizabeth ?

Eighteen months nursing & board
$5 per month for the nursing of Andrew a child, a negro
Feeding Co.