The Mount Nebo Cemetery
Macon County, Alabama


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This is the headstone of
Elvira "Ms. Dump" Barrow-Martin who was well known as the best midwife in Tuskegee. 

"She never lost a child"
were words that were used often to describe her midwiving skills

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Queen Martin Howard was the daughter of Phillip and Elvira Barrow-Martin

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Ollie Howard was the husband of
Queen Martin-Howard

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Marie Martin-Webb was the wife of Glister Webb and another daughter of Phillip and Elvira Barrow-Martin
"Lord I Know I've Been Changed"



The Mount Nebo Cemetery is located on Route 29, County Line 46 in Tuskegee, Alabama.  This approximately 5 miles from the city limit and about one mile from the Shiloh Baptist Church.

The history of this cemetery is still being researched.  However, I am aware that this cemetery was established by and for African Americans.

In front of the Shiloh Baptist Church is another African American cemetery that was well known during the early 1900's as the Bryant Cemetery.  This particular cemetery is not visible due to over growth and has been abandoned as a cemetery for burials.  I was informed many years ago that my grandmother, Hattie Bryant, was buried here in June 1930.  There were many other Bryant family members that are buried here as well.  Some of the early Burton Funeral Home records indicate that some of the local townspeople were buried in the Bryant Cemetery. However, the exact location was not documented.

A recent conversation with a Bryant descendant still living in Tuskegee, revealed there were three Bryant cemeteries.  The other two are now the Shady Grove Baptist Church Cemetery and the Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery.

Partial Transcription

Mable Sparks Jackson
June 1, 1919 - Sept 15, 1997

Edward Sparks
Nov 29, 1914 - June 6, 1980

Chavez Leon Harris
Son of Cydrena Y. Harris
Aug. 22, 1991 - Oct 1, 1991

Albert Sparks
US Army
Sept 7, 1948 - June 1, 1998

Roy Sparks SP4
US Army
Feb 6, 1956 - Aug 13, 1996

Margaret Menifee
Born June 5, 1879  Died Aug 13, 1961

John Menifee
Feb 2, 1892 - Sep 20, 1983

Lizzie L. Harris
Dec 1, 1912 - June 8, 1964

Anna W. Harris
July 15, 1915 - July 5, 1995

Frank Harris
July 10, 1904 - Aug 6, 2000
Aged 96 years

Warren Bryant
Dec 1928 - May 1980
At Rest

Mrs. Bennie Menifee
Nov 4, 1932 - Dec 10, 1999






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