Estate Record of M. J. W. Griggs

Harris County, Georgia

Voucher No. 1

Received of A. W. Griggs former guardian of M. J. W. Griggs Two Thousand & seventy nine 26/100 dollars in full and entire satisfaction of all demands as guardian of said M J W Griggs might have in and  ? the said A. W. Griggs former guardian as aforesaid.  I have also received the following Negroes from him as guardian in aforesaid to wit:  Nathan about 60 years old, Allen about 40 years old, Eveline  about 35 years old and her five children to wit:   Columbus about fourteen years old, Alonzo about 10 years old, Tobe about 5 years old, Alice about 4 years old & Betty about 3 years old, also Caroline about 22 years old & her infant Julian (?) about 3 years old, Alfred about 12 years old and Janette about 16(?) years old.

W. M. Griggs
Guardian for
M. J. W. Griggs

August 1st 1886

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