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Division of  the Mary Buchanan Estate

State of Georgia, Harris County

By virtue of an order from the Honorable Inferior Court  of said county when sitting for Ordinary purposes on the first Monday of this Inst to us directives authorizing and requiring us to make distribution of the Negroes only of  the estate of Mary Buchanan deceased among the distributees entitled to said estate.  We preceded this day to the performance of that duty.  There were three distributees to wit:  The heirs of Alexander Wilkinson late of Merewither Cty - deceased Elizabeth Sparks of Harris County &   Robt Sparks in the right of his wife Sarah Sparks of Putnam County all of the state above named.  The shares were numbered 1.2.3. and were assigned to the distributees in the following manner to wit.  The names of the distributees were written on a piece of paper and placed in a hat.  The numbers were written on another piece of paper and placed in another hat.  The hats were both well shaken,  a name was drawn from the hat containing the names then a number from the hat containing the numbers and in that manner continued until all were drawn .  The following is the result--

No. 1   The heirs of Alexander Wilkinson
No. 2    Elizabeth Sparks
No. 3    Robert Sparks in the right of his wife
No. 1    Elizabeth Sparks
No. 2    R. Sparks
No. 3   The heirs of Alexander Wilkinson   

No. 1 consisted of Six Negroes Dennis, Frances, Ben, Elisa, Mina & Crawford valued at forty-one hundred and twenty-five dollars.
No. 2 consisted of five Negroes Daniel, Ellen, Margrett, Morgann & Jefferson valued at Thirty-nine hundred dollars.
No. 3 consisted of Six Negroes, Joseph, Jan, Squire, Sarah, Nancy and Otty (?) valued at Thirty-nine hundred and seventy-five dollars.....