Guardian Record of L. P. Wyche

Harris County, Georgia

Voucher No. 5

Received of Thos. J. Wyche, former guardian of L. P. Wyche Three hundred and Twelve 00/100 dollars in full and entire satisfaction of all the eight title interest interest claim....  I as his present   guardian have....upon the said T. J. Wyche his former guardian also the following Negroes, Wash a man, Tom a man, Aaron a man, Phill a boy, Monroe a  boy, Dilly a girl, Seba(?) a boy, which said Negroes the said L. P. Wyche has one fourth interest.  I acknowledge the receipt  of the above as guardian for the said L. P. Wyche and a interest in the Negroes above named.  The above property was received November 3, 1856.

Dec 10th 1856

William Tally

Signed in presence of G. W. Mullins

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