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Estate Records of Jonathan Harper

Orphan Court Record

A true and perfect appraisement of all the personal estate of Jno J. Harper, Sen, late of the County of Macon exhibited to us the undersigned, appraissed by Littleton Wynn and Jno J. Harper, Jr, administrators this 1st day of November 1847.


Name Amount   Name Amount
Little Jack $700.00   Rose $250.00
Let the blksmith 1000.00   Henry 350.00
Wilson 800.00   Zweter 400.00
Let the Carpenter 800.00   Madison 400.00
Mose 750.00   Doctor 300.00
Solomon 700.00   Louisa 325.00
Shadrock 750.00   Son 350.00
Ben 700.00   Elizabeth 300.00
Bill 800.00   Sidney 375.00
Seabron 800.00   Jane 350.00
Major 700.00   Patunco 500.00
Nelson 800.00   Nelly 500.00
Dudly 800.00   Milly 500.00
Joe 700.00   Nancy 400.00
Douglas 800.00   Matilda 600.00
Tom 800.00   Emerlino 650.00
Ned 500.00   Pleasant 100.00
Perrow 600.00   Eliza 100.00
Kitt 200.00   Paulina 150.00
Jack a carpenter 900.00   Mit 300.00
      M* 325.00
Total $15,350.00     $7525.00


Ellen $375.00   Cynthia $375.00
Harriet 700.00   Amanda 800.00
Mary & Child 600.00   *lly 150.00
Weekly (?) 225.00   Hezekiah 325.00
Foster 250.00   Burrell 325.00
John 375.00   Harriet 300.00
Birmy 250.00   David 325.00
Malinda 200.00   Sassater 150.00
Pricilla 175.00   Robert 175.00
Amelia 150.00   Peter 135.00
Celia 150.00   Augustus 125.00
Martha 125.00   Isabel 100.00
Effie 550.00   Caroline 350.00
Polly 550.00   Total $8400.00

Amount of hiring of the Negroes of John J. Harper, Sr. deceased late of the County of Macon made by Littleton Wynn administrator under an order of court of said Count, December 29th, 1847

R. P. Wynn for the hire of the Boy Dudley


Littleton Wynn for the hire of  the Boy Solomon 140.00
          the Boy Perro 50.00
G. W. Harper for the hire of Nedd a boy 39.00
Alford Sykes for the hire of  Major a negro man 130.00
E Wilbanks for the hire of Ben a boy 115.00
R P Knowles for the hire of Polly a negro girl 90.00
Alexander Scott for the hire of Bill & Joe 246.00
Alexander Eady for the hire of Patiena & Loisa 114.00
R. Childers for the hire of Love a girl 25.00
O. F. Dudley for the hire of Ginny a girl 26.00
J. O. McDowell for the hire of Douglas a boy 130.00
G. W. Smith for the hire of Elizabeth a girl 19.00
L. D. Nash for the hire of Jack a boy 125.00
Oliver Fleming for the hire of Wilson a boy 120.00
* Perry for the hire of Moses a boy 92.50
Franes Harper for the hire of Harriet, Amanda, & Matt 120.00
William T. Davis for the hire of Sidney a girl 40.00
E. F. Mahone for the hire of Theophilius a small boy 20.00
      The correct amt of the hiring 2001.00
R. P. Wynn for the hire of girl Caroline $40.00
R. P. Knowles for the hire of a negro man named Joe 146.00
Bob Jack to him self at 200.00
L. D. H* for the hire of a girl Effie at <illegible> 75.00
Mrs. Cogburn for the hire of a negro woman Rose 35.00

Doctor Fees
John J. Harper to Jas O. McDowell

Feb 18th To visit at night & mileage 3.00
      " Consultation Medicine  
      " Consultant attention for two days 9.00
Aug 19th Consultant visit, mileage, & medicine to Negro 3.00
      " Medicine for Wesley .25
Sept 8th Consultant Perscription & Baldarize(?) mixture for Bill 2.00
  "    10th Consultant Box pills for Manda .25
Nov 16th Consultant Perscription & Medicine for Shade 1.00
  "   26th Consultant Extracting Tooth for Bill 1.00
Dec 29th 23 Parigorie (?) 00.0

The state of Alabama, Macon County

Before me, W. B. Owsly as Justice of the Peace in the said county.  Personally <illiegible> James O. McDowell who being duly sword saith that the above account is just and true Sworn to and subscribed before me the 26th Feb 1848.

W. B. Owsly JP
Jas O McDowell

The State of Alabama, Macon County

Orphans Court in location this 2nd Jany 1848

On the application of Littleton Wynn Admstr. is ordered he has lean to sell Yellow Jack, Amanda & her two <illegible> children at pirate sale.  Given our due any notes this 2nd day Jany 1848.

Lewis Alexander Clerk