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Estate Records of James H. Harris

Filed 15 Nov 1858

The State of Alabama
Macon County

To the Honorable of said county

The undersigned administrator of the estate of James H. Harris deceased late of said county.  Show to your Honor that his <illegible> died.  Seized and possessed the following land the last residence of said deceased lying & being in said county and described more particularly as the lot in he town of Warrior Stand on the north side of the Old Federal Road on the west by Dozier & Buchanon.  On the north by the lands of Noah Segrest and on the east by Carlton Wright & containing 15 acres more or less.

He further alleges that the deceased left surviving him as his only heirs at law James T. Harris aged 17 yrs and Charles B. Harris aged 12 yrs, who reside in this county at Warrior Stand and he further alleges that a fair, beneficial and equitable division among the said heirs cannot of said cannot be made without a sale thereof---.  He therefore asks that an order be made with signing him as said administrator to sell said lot of land.  All of which is respectfully submitted.

Menafee Tatum
By Graham & Abercombrie
Attys for
Menafee Tatum

State of Ala. Macon County
Oct 7th 1858

We the undersigned commitioners (sp) appointed by the Probate Court of said County have met and appraised the following named Negroes belonging to the estate of Jas H. Harris.  To Wit.

John (a boy)             1200.00
Abram (a boy)            600.00
Charlot (a Woman)    700.00

Received of Menafee Tatum adms of Jas H. Harris, deceased five dollars for selling Negro Woman Charlot at <illegible>.

Dec the 16--- 1863

B. P. Clark

State of Alabama, Macon County

We the undersigned commissioners appointed by the Probate Judge C A Stanton of this County, to appraise the Estate of the late James H. Harris, have performed that duty in accordance with the directions in the order.  Valuation of the boy John was Three Thousand and Seven Hundred Dollars ($3700), and that of the boy Abram was Three Thousand Dollars ($3000).

In the division, James T. Harris drew the boy Abram and Charles B. Harris drew the Boy John.

16th July 1864
James A. Arnold
James S. Moore
M. B. Breedlove
S Weathers
John P. Read (?)