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Estate Records of James G. Brown

Document 22

Stephen a boy 25 years old 1400.00
Reddick a boy 16 years old 1400.00
Sally a girl 17 years old 1300.00
George a boy, 20 1450.00
Shilling a boy, 28 1400.00
Alla a woman, 21, 2 children 2050.00
Ed a boy., 18 1200.00
Mariah a woman, 40 , child 1000.00

Document 27 & 28

The State of Alabama
County of Macon

To the Hon Louis Alexander, Judge of the Probate Court of said County.

The petition of Jas. T. Menefee, Adm of the estate of James G. Brown, decd, respectfully shows unto your Honor that the personal property of said estate now remaining and which is subject to distribution to the widow and the heirs consist of eight slaves, Stephen a man, Redick, George, Shilling, Ed, Sally, Mariah and her child, which said Negroes cannot be equitably divided between those entitled in as such as there are but eight Negroes, while there are nine persons entitled to share in the said property.

Your petitioner further states that the persons entitled to share in the division of said property are Elizabeth Brown, the widow and William W., Robt A., Thomas H., Henry B., George K., Charity E, James G. and Jacob C. Brown--that William W & Robert A. are over the age of twenty one years--that Robert A. resides in the state of Texas and that the others live with their mother, the widow, of said deceased in said state and county.

Your petitioner, therefore, prays your Honor that a day may be set for ? the ? set forth in Your Petitioners petition--which such notices ? be given as the law requres--and further prays Your Honor to grant an order for the sale  of the said Negroes for distribution and he will pray.

Jas. T. Menafee
Adm of the estate of James G. Brown, decd
Sworn to
before me this 27th day of Oct 1839
Lewis Alexander, Judge of Probate

Document 53

The unappraised personal propert
y of the estate of Jas G. Brown

1 gin appraised at 30.00
1 Rifle 8.00
1 shot gun 2.00
one child 8 weeks old


We the undersigned having been appointed to appraise the personal property of this estate of Jas. G. Brown, decd having been sworn that the above contains is the true appraisement to the best of our knowledge and belief of the ?

Sworn to & subscribed before A. Crawford, an acting Justice of the Peace and for the County of Macon, State of Alabama? 5, 1860

A Crawford
Justice of the Peace

Hohn Hollingshead
Lovett McDonald