Estate Record of John F. Carr

Harris County, Georgia

By virtue of an order from the Court of Ordinary of said county to us directed  authorizing and requiring us to make distribution  of the negroes of the estate of John F. Carr deceased.  So far as to give Miss Sarah F. Pollard now but formerly Sarah F. Carr who was the widow of said deceased but now the wife of Alsy F. Pollard who receives said share in right of his wife aforesaid.  We proceeded this day to the performance of that duty.  There were three distributive shares to wit:  Alsy F. Pollard in right of his wife formerly Sarah F. Carr, Grant Carr and John Carr.  The whole estate of Negroes above were appraised and then divided into three lots to wit: 

No. 1 consisted of

General $1000.00
Margaret $1000.00
Allice $200.00
Essex $1200.00
Eliza $1050.00
Lundy (?) $300.00
Jordan $300.00

No. 2 consisted of

Anderson $1200.00
Dinah $800.00
Harriet $900.00
George $900.00
Antoinette $700.00
Jim $700.00
Elbert $500.00
Green $200.00

No. 3 consisted of

Milus (?) $1000.00
Fletcher $100.00
Annabelle $850.00
Lila $850.00
Mary $750.00
William $650.00
Alfred $300.00

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