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Estate Records of Isaac Willingham

A list of the Negro property bill ongoing to the estate of Isaac Willingham des. sold on the 12th day of Jany 1857.

Negro Boy Miles to James E. Cooper     1375.00
Negro Boy Jack to Jas. W. Griggs          1328.00
Negro Boy Hampton to W. I. Nunn         1270.00
Woman Caroline to Thos. Mahone          762.00
Girl Emily to Thos. Mahone                     905.00

The State of Alabama
Macon County

Personally appear before me, Lewis Alexander, Judge of Probate for said County, David Harris administrator of the estate of Isaac Willingham des. who being duly sworn deposeth and says that the above account of sale of the Negro property as states is just and [fair], which belongs to the said estate and that said property was sold on a credit of twelve months and that notice of said sale was given by publication in the Auburn Gazette for three successive weeks giving notice of the time and place of said sale said property having been sold to the high-test bidder at Auburn, Ala.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 2nd day of Feby. 1857.

David Norris, Adm
Lewis Alexander Judge of Probate

David Harris Administrator in act. with estate of Isaac Willingham, deceased.

The said administrator charges himself as follows


Jany 1 to hire of Negro Caroline for 1856 - $100.00
           "     "    "     "        Miles      "        "    100.00
           "     "    "     "        Jack       "        "      65.00
           "     "    "     "        Hawk      "        "     50.00