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Largest Slaveholders of Harris County, GA from the 1860 Federal Census

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Book H, No. 46, 1856-1857

Estate of Eliza Gassaway, Decd - April 13, 1856 (Page 31)

No. 1 Half interest in Negro Man Flem(?)   $500.00
"      2  Negro Man Horace   $1,500.00
"      3      "      Woman Jenny   $150.00

Rueben L. Phillips Trustee for F. R. Ligon.  The following are the Negroes received from Estate of A Phillip for F. R. Ligon
as Trustee for her.  Received this Jany 1, 1855 (Page 32)

1 Negro girl Ermy about 17 years old, 1 Negro girl Jane about 11 years old, 1 Negro girl Mary about 12 years old,
1 Negro boy Henry about 14 years old.

Appraisement of the goods & chattels of Thomas Murrah, decd - April 10,, 1856 (Page 34)

1 Negro man named Ben, 1 Negro woman named Hannah, 1 Negro girl named Eliza, 1 Negro girl named Tenah.

Appraisement of the goods & chattels of William Hudspeth - April 12, 1856 (Page 35)

Willis a man $1200.00, Isabel a woman $850.00, Matthew a boy $900.00, George a boy $650.00, Mariah a girl $600.00,
Bob a boy  $200.00

Estate balance of Jacob Oliver Pate - October 3, 1855 (Page 42)

Negro man named Torrey - $100

Elizabeth F. Davidson in ofc current with Monroe Davidson Guardian for the year 1855 up to 1st Jany 1856 - 5th day of
June 1856 (Page 45)

Negro hire 1855 - Mariah to H. B. Watson $96.00, Fanny to C. Davidson $75.00

Sales of Negroes as cash - Mariah & John to R P Robinson $1135.00
Fanny & Marthann - J Meadows $1250.00

Amanda F. Davidson in ofc current with Monroe Davidson, guardian for the year 1855 up to 1st of Jany 1856 5th day of June 1856 (Page 47)

Negro hire 1855 - Daniel to Wm Hopkins $125.00, Susan to C. Davidson $850.00
Negroes Sale for Cash - Daniel to C. Davidson $1000.00, Susan to C. Davidson $900.00

A copy of the inventory assets of the firm of McKee & Lowe & Co furnished by James McKee & B. T. Lowe surviving corporation of the firm of the assets in their hands on the fourth of August - 1854 the firm consisted of James M. McKee, B. L. Lowe & N. N. Lowe all of Harris Co Ga articles of agreement shows the object  of the firm the purchase & sale of slaves:

List of Slaves  August 4, 1854 (Page 109)

Pleat I. Phillips Administrator of Thos L. Street decd of Harris County in ofc current from Jany 1865 to May 1st 1886 (Page 110)

Hire of slaves:  Tom, Matilda, George, Charlotte, Adam, Flora & Child, Old Edmond, Little Edmond, Prince, Guss, Cudgo, Seaborn, William

Division of the R. I Crews Estate - Jany 1st 1855 (Pages 118 & 119)

Division of the Mary Buchanan Estate - December 21st 1855 (Page 120)

Neal N. Capehart minor son of John Capehart of Souisana B. in ofc current with N. D. Tucker his guardian rep to Jany 1856 - 4th day of August 1856 (Page 189)

Hire of Negroes Rebecca abt 38 years old, William a boy abt 4 years old, Rebecca abt 38 years old, Makaley abt 2 years old, Ann abt  14 years old, Jim abt 14 years old

Appraisement & Inventory of the Estate of Shadrach Rowe, decd - August 8th, 1856 (Page 200)

Estate of B. Henry 1st Jany 1855 to 1st Jany 1856 - (Page 204)

Negro hire for 1855 - Daniel $226, Newman $110, Nelson $60, Cicily $45, July $45, Hardy $125

Hire of L. I. Hunters Negroes 1855 (Page 220)

Barma to J.T. Crawford, Heyman to J. T. Crawford, William  to  L. Persons,  Ambie  to W. A. Oliver,  Fanny  to W. A. Oliver,  Wesly  to T. Crawford, Amand & Masatin  to T. Crawford

3 day October 1856

Hire of Sarah I Hunter's Negroes for 1855 (Page 226)

Acey to Broadus & Ball, Aron to J D Johnston & Mather (?), Wash to J. T. Crawford, Austin to J. T. Crawford, Mariah & two children to J. T. Crawford, Mariah had  a child born this year the 9th April.

Estate Record of Frances J. Dawkins
- 26 December 1854 (Page 230)

Estate Record of M. J. W. Griggs - August  1st 1886 (Page 231)

Guardian Record of L. P. Wyche - December 19th, 1856 (Page 259)

Sale of the Negroes and Land of Wm Hudspeth
2nd day of Dec 1856 and due then
(Page 289)

Names of Purchasers

Names of Negroes

S. J. Hightower

Willis a Negroe Man

Jas. A. Scott

Isabel a Woman

Jas A. Scott

Math a Boy

John B. Harper

George a Boy

Wm. J. Hightower

Mariah a girl

A. G. Hudspeth

Bob a boy

A. G. Hudspeth

300 acres of Land

Estate Record of John F. Carr - 1854 (Page 291)

Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of James Dowdell deceased - January 29, 1857 (Page 300)

Lot a negro man, Issac a negro man, Armstead a negro man, Nabaun (?) a negro man

Guardian Record of Elizabeth Jackson - (Page 308)

Elijah Satterwhite Adm on Estate E. Satterwhite (Page 310)

Voucher No. 3

$30.00 By the twenty fifth of December next, we or either of us  promise to pay S. S. Harris or bearer Thirty Dollars for value received (viz) for the hire of Susan a Negroe Girl.  Said Negro to be furnished by us during the year with two suits of good clothing a pr of shoes and a good Negroe blanket, July 19, 1854.

R. J. Phillips Admr of Thos J. Street in ofc current from May the 1st 1856 to Jany 1st 1857 (Page 380)

Hire of Slaves:  Matilda, Flora & Child, Cudjo, Charlotte, Adam, Edmon, Little Edmon, Prince, Seaborn, Guss, William, Big Charlotte, George

Guardian Record   (Page 382-383)

James G. Cotton  admr on Estate Smith Cotton (Page 400)

Voucher No. 51

Dec 30th, 1856.  The estate of Smith Cotton to Jas. G. Cotton for keeping Negro Woman Matilda a month during her confinement - $6.00

Exhibit "A" (Page 402)

Received from J. T. Crawford Guardian for Sarah J. Hunter five Negroes to wit:  Austin, Mariah and her three children, Henry, David & Charles this 31st day of January 1856.

Joel J. Mann in right of my wife

Exhibit "B" (Page 402)

Received from Joel T. Crawford Guardian for Sarah J. Hunter the following named Negroes to wit- Acey, Aron & Washington. Negroes left to said minor by R. W. Hunter deceased this December 25th, 1856.

J. J. Mann in right of my wife

Voucher s - Exhibit "A" (Page 403)

Received of Joel T. Crawford Guardian for Lydia J. Hunter  the following named Negroes to wit -; Barma, Hyram, William, Westly, Masalin(?), Amanda, Amelia & Fanny on the first day of January 1856 Six this November 3, 1856. Six.

John G. Randall
In right of my wife

SourceChurch of the Latter Day Saints, Microfilm #0327544, Harris County, GA,   Court of Ordinary, Court House Records, Probate (Microfilmed from Bound Book), Microfilmed 2 May 1963

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