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Both Alabama and Della Harris died sometime during the early 1890's. Della died when her living quarters caved in on her and her unborn child.  The cause of Alabama's death is unknown.

Hattie Harris
Hattie Harris

Frank Harris

Frank Harris

Anniemae Harris was shot and killed after being stalked by her then boyfriend.

James Harris

James Harris, Sr

Lille Bell Harris

Lillie B. Harris-Howard

Daisy Streeter

Daisy Streeter-Brown



Chance and Melvina Harris-Harris
Both born abt. 1820 in GA - m. August 31, 1873

Possibly my Great-Great Grandparents
found living next door to Peggy Harris (ggrandmother) in 1870, Lee County, AL

In 1880, they were residing a few doors down from Peggy in the town of Warrior Stand, Macon County, AL
along with their grandson, Mark Harris

UNKNOWN  and Peggy Unknown Harris (b. abt 1842 in GA)


Alabama Harris (b. 1859 in AL d. ?)
Chance Harris (b. 1860 in AL d. 3/10/1943 in AL)
Katie Harris (b. 1866 in AL d. ?)
Babe Harris (b. 1868 in AL d. ?)
Baby Girl Harris (b. 1869 in AL d. ?)

Alabama Harris m.
Della Willson Harris (b. 1864 d. early 1890's)

Hattie "Aunt Hag" Harris (b.1885 d.1966)
Frank Harris (b. 8/1887d ?)
James Harris (b. 9/28/1890 d. 12/6/1964)

Hattie Harris m. Mose Lee (1900)
m.  A. Streeter (1919)


Estelle Lee
James Lee
Beatrice Streeter (b. 8/12/1915 d. 12/8/1996)
Daisy Streeter-Brown (b. 1922)
Milo Streeter
Thomas Streeter

Frank Harris m. Emma Barrow Harris


Roosevelt Harris (b/d)
Della Harris (b/d.7/9/1925)
Calvin Harris (b. 5/1/1910 d. 8/27/1996)
Anniemae Harris (b. 1916 d. 1935)
James (Buster) Harris (b/d)
Arthur Harris (b. 1919 d. ?)
Rose Harris-Hale (b. 4/1/1922 d.?
Rosie Harris Pearsall (b. 7/9/1926 d. ?)
LeRoy Harris (b. 1928 d. ?)
Willie James Harris (b. 10/1/1930 d. 8/18/1980)

James Harris m. Hattie Bryant (b. 10/1890 d. 6/15/1930)


Nancy "Lula" Harris-O'Neal (b. 5/15/1909 d. 12/14/1992)
Cora Lee Harris (b. 1913 d. SL)
Henry "Bay Boy" Harris (b. 5/13/1915 d. 10/1986)
James Harris, Jr (b. 1/6/1917 d. 3/8/1996)
Lillie Bell "Scrap" Harris-Howard (b. 2/14/1919 d. 7/24/1998)

met Leona Martin
Henry "Dixie" Harris (b. 7/4/1924 d. 3/11/1990)

met Ella Chappelle Pace
Bertha Harris-Tillsman (SL)


Calvin Harris m. Jessie Lee Bryant


Eva Lou Harris (b. 7/17/1938 d. ?)
Mary Emma Harris (b. 3/5/1943 d. ?)
Clariene Harris (b. 5/29/1947 d. ?)
James Harris (b. 5/15/1949 d. ?)
Dorothy Jean Harris (b/d)

Siblings of Alabama Harris:

1. Chance Harris (b. 1863 in Lee County, AL d. 3/10/1943 in Roba, AL) m.
Sarah Jane (b. 8/1870 d. ?)


Lizzie Harris (b. 11/1883 d.?) Descendants found May 31, 2010!!
Phillip Harris (b. 9/1885 d. ?)
Milla Harris (b. 10/1887 d. ?)
William "Teal" Harris (b. 2/1892 d. 11/15/66)
Ann Harris Lewis (b. 5/1894 d. ?)
Gussie Harris (b. 4/1896 d. ?)
Savannah Harris (b. 1/1900 d. 11/26/63) Descendants found January 2003!!
Susie Harris (b. 1902 d.?)
Francis "Princy" ? Harris (b. 1904 d. ?)
Caroline Harris (b. 1907 d. ?)
Booker T. Harris (b. 1910 d. 12/00) Descendants found July 2003!

Grandchildren of Chance Harris
as noted in the 1920 Macon County, AL Census

Alonzo Harris (b. 1917 d. ?)
Caroline Harris (b. 1917 d. ?)
Ann Harris (b. 1918 d. ?)
Easter Harris (b. 1920 d. ?)

2. Katie Harris (b. 1865, Lochapoka AL d. by 1940) m. Charles Martin


Other Harris's on the 1870 Lochapoka Census

Antony Harris (b. 1845 in GA d. ?) married to
Fannie Harris (b. 1849 in GA d. ?)


Bob Harris (b. 1868 in AL d. ?)

Abram Harris (b. 1843 in GA d. ?) married to
Eliza Harris (b. 1843 in GA d. ?)


Jacob Harris (b. 1858 in AL d. ?)
Wesley Harris (b. 1860 in AL d. 1914 in Lee County, AL)
Lucy Harris (b. 1864 in AL d. ?)
Lizzy Harris (b. 1868 in AL d. ?)
Eliza Harris (b. 1870 in AL d. ?)
Abram Harris, Jr (b. 1872 in AL d. ?)
Charley Harris (b. 1874 in AL d. ?)
Willie Harris (b. 1876 in AL d. ?)
Unknown Harris (b. 1880 in AL d. ?)

Abram Harris, Jr married to
Ella Buckley/Barkley


Jacob Harris
(b. 1898 in AL d. ?)


 Migration to the North

Sometime during the mid to late 1940's, Jim Harris , Sr. was involved in an altercation with a white man in Tuskegee.  The gentlemen in question, was savagely beaten.  The local Klansmen were  informed of the incident and a "contract" was taken out on his life. In order to save him, The Mt. Nebo Masonic Lodge (Macon County, AL), of which he was a member, assisted him in leaving the state.  He fled to Ohio.   The white man never fully recovered and died a few years later.  This is why the Harris's are now residing in the North.

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