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Estate Records of Giles P. Sparks

Document 545

State of Alabama
Probate Court
Macon County

To the Hon. Lewis Alexander, Judge of said Court:

The petition of Milton Stevens, guardian of James O. A. Sparks and Richard W. Sparks.   Minor heirs of the Estate of Giles P. Sparks deceased, respectfully showeth unto your honor that the said heirs being minors hold jointly the following property. viz:  a woman named Easter, about fifty years old and Matilda, a woman, about twenty-four years old and her child about four years old.  Which said Negroes cannot be equitably divided between those entitled.  In as much as there are three Negroes and only two persons entitled to share in said property.

Your petitioner further states unto your honor that the person entitled to share in the division of said property are:  James O. A. Sparks and Richard W. Sparks the children of said descendant---said children are minors under the age of twenty one years.

Your petitioner, therefore, prays your honor that a day be set for hearing this matter here in before set forth; that such notice as is required by law may be given and that on or in May be duly granted and entered in the premises authorizing a sale of said property in order that the same may be duly distributed among those entitled as aforesaid and as in duty bound to.

Milton Stevens
Attn Clopton & Ligon

Document 673

1861 Milton Stevens Guardian of James O. Andrew and Richard W. Sparks

Guardian charges himself as follows viz.:

To balance in last years settlement


To interest on same one year


To sale Matilda and her child Anderson


To sale of Easter


To hire of Easter (to sale) 3 months $600


To   "   of Matilda to her confinement - Feb 8th


Milton Stevens Guardian in afc with James A. and Richard W. Sparks

The guardian charges himself with the following:

To hire of Negroes for the year 1833 from 1st Sept/33 to the 1st January 1834

To hire of Negro woman Matilda & Int-- 12.40
To hire of Negroes Ned and Easter for 1853-- 80.00
To hire of Matilda for the year 1834--63.00
To hire of Ned and Easter for the year 1854--240.00
To hire of Matilda for the year 1835--73.00
To hire of Ned and Easter for the year 1835--250.00
To hire of Matilda for the year 1836--75.00
To hire of Ned and Easter for the year--250.00