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Wills, Tax Records and Slave Census of the Constantine Perkins Fitzpatrick Family

Ship Purchased by Benjamin Fitzpatrick

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The ship purchased by Benjamin Fitzpatrick was the Wetumpka of Cincinnati in 1857. The vessel was purchased from Dennison M. Shaw and was insured by the National Insurance Company of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1854. The information was on microfilm - Series J Part 7 Roll 5.

From tax digest records in Morgan County, Ga. in 1817
Perkins Fitzpatrick (Elam's father) -14 slaves

From tax digest records in 1838, Morgan County, Ga.:
1. Perkins Fitzpatrick - 29 slaves
2. Zeno Fitzpatrick - 13 slaves

From tax digest records of Morgan County, Ga, 1839
1. Perkins Fitzpatrick (Elam's father) - 22 slaves
2. Perkins Fitzpatrick as agent for Elam Fitzpatrick - 16 slaves
3. Perkins Fitzpatrick as agent for Zeno Fitzpatrick - 11 slaves

From tax digest records in 1840, Morgan County, Ga.
1.Perkins Fitzpatrick - 32 slaves
2. Zeno Fitzpatrick - 15 slaves

1840 Slave Census Macon County, AL
Elam Fitzpatrick - 36 slaves

Now the accounting of the inventory of Mary Sarah Rebecca Fitzpatrick's holdings as the heir to Elam's estate lists the following slaves by name, but not by specific age. The first accounting is in 1841: Jesse, Seabron, Marvell, Green, Fed (married), Dave, Elick, Henry (boy), Jacob, Oliver, Bill, Joe, Mack, Phebe and child, Albert (boy), Catherine and child, Alonzo (boy), Rachael, Maria (girl), Charity (girl), Hannah (girl), Mahala (girl), Rhoda, Alsy, Milly, Lizzy, Jim (boy), Jesse (boy), Sarah (girl), Mary Ann and child, Adeline (girl). This list is dated January 13, 1842.  The spelling of the names is as written.

In 1844 the following were assigned to Mary B. Fitzpatrick (Mary Sarah's mother): Lizza  (Lizzy?)and child Lucy (she is not on the first list), Elez (could be the above Alsy?), Fed, Marvell (described as a "yellow fellow"), Caroline and 2 children Ben and Ann, Bill (boy), Jim (boy), Oliver (boy), Jepe (boy-possibly Jesse), Ellis (boy), Mary Ann and 2 children Adeline and Catherine, Jacob (boy), Maj (boy), Joe, (boy) and Alonzo (boy.

The following were assigned to Mary Sarah Rebecca Fitzpatrick: Jef, Seabron, Green, Dave, Henry (boy), Albert (boy), Rachael, Phebe and child Elam, Rhoda, Molly, Ria (girl) Charity (girl), Hannah (girl), Mahala (girl).

Filed in Morgan County, Georgia in 1845
To Zeno [Fitzpatrick]:  Harriet, Lewis, Cynthia, Jeff, Dick, Homer and Amy
To Mary Walton:  Ester, Lewis, Mary, Maria, Tildy, Charity, Amy and Clary
To Elam
[Fitzpatrick]: Greene, Dave, Bob, Rhoda, Allen, Rachael, Mariah, Charity, Hannah and Mahaley
To Thomas Cook:  Hanna, Charity, Homer, Katie, Patunia, George and 100 acres of land

1850 Slave Census, Macon County, AL
Benjamin Fitzpatrick - 6
Fanny Fitzpatrick - 8
Mary B. Fitzpatrick - 10
Mary S. Fitzpatrick - 40
Joseph Fitzpatrick - 1

1855 Slave Census Macon County, AL
Mary Fitzpatrick - 27 slaves  
Joseph Fitzpatrick  - 16 slaves
Bird Fitzpatrick - 24 slave

1860 Slave census in Macon County, AL
Mary Fitzpatrick - 9 slaves

From tax digest records in 1862 Morgan County, Ga.
1. Zeno Fitzpatrick (Constantine Perkins had died in 1845) - 97 slaves

There was a Zeno Fitzpatrick, Jr. listed in the 1880 census in Morgan County, Ga.

Transcribers Note: All of the descendents on these census are related; some are either Constantine's siblings or cousins; the names apply to both.

Family Line Clarifications:

First, there 3 Mary Fitzpatricks:

MARY B. FITZPATRICK was the wife of Elam Fitzpatrick.  Her name on their marriage records was  Mrs. Mary B. Jones, and on our family records we list her as Mary B. Jones (Harwell).  She was married twice, and we are not sure which is her maiden name.  She's listed in published Fitzpatrick descendancies as Mary Harwell.

She had a daughter from her first marriage named MARY A. R. FITZPATRICK (evidently adopted by Elam) who married George Marquis, a slave owner in Macon County.  She may be one of the 3 Marys listed as Mary Fitzpatrick.

The third Mary, MARY SARAH REBECCA FITZPATRICK , is my GGGM.  Elam died when she was 1 yr.old and left her the estate in 1841.  I do not believe she had any slaves when she married my GGGF Albert Sidney Harper in 1860.

Next, altho he is called "PERKINS" in these records, he is known in most family trees as CONSTANTINE PERKINS FITZPATRICK.  He is the son of Benjamin Fitzpatrick and Mary Perkins, and to make things more confusing, he also married a woman named Mary Perkins.

Zeno was Elam's brother.  Zeno Jr. was his son.

Thomas Cook, unknown to my mother, was married to Elam and Zeno's sister, Sara (Sally).

Mary Walton was Mary Francis Fitzpatrick, married to Peter Walton.

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"Some of these names are unusual enough to have been carried down the line. We did find a small Black cemetery north of Union Springs in Macon County but the dates of the ones with Fitzpatrick names were all post Civil War, even though one was named Green. Had to have been a descendant. I hope this will be of some help. It is too sad.