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Carrie Youngblood:
A Tuskegee Midwife

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Carrie Youngblood

History of Midwifery




Carrie Youngblood was born in Troy, Alabama abt 1875.

In 1910, Carrie Youngblood was found residing   in Union  Springs, AL with her children:  Lorenzo, Junior, Alberta and William.  At this time she was living next door to my great-grandfather, Orange Thomas. His wife Peggy died about 1905 when my grandmother, Hannah, was a little girl. 

Eventually, Orange and Carrie Youngblood would begin a relationship.  Carrie would raise Orange's youngest children:  my grandmother Hannah, and her brothers Hampton Boyd and Orange, Jr.

My mother, Carrie B. Cariller was delivered by Carrie Youngblood on October 8, 1913 and became her namesake.

Orange died, December 4, 1926. Carrie Youngblood would meet a Reverend Slaughter who robbed her of money, land, livestock and other  possessions left to her.

Update: 03/08/12 - a marriage record was found for Orange Thomas and Carrie Youngblood. They were married January 4, 1913 in Union Springs, AL.



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