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Chance Harris

My paternal, great granduncle, Chance Harris was the second oldest child born 1860 in Alabama to  Peggy Harris and possibly Houston Wilson four years prior to the abolishment of slavery. 

In the 1870 census, at the age of 10, he was found living with his mother Peggy and his siblings,  Alabama 11,  Babe (Katie) 5, and Baby 6/12 in Lee County, Loachapoka precinct.  

1870 Lee County, AL Census

In 1880, at age 17, he is residing in Macon County, Warrior Stand precinct with his mother Peggy, step-father, Houston Wilson and other siblings: Alabama 19, Caty (Katie) 15, Ben 12, Calvin 9, Houston, Jr., Silvy, Eliza 2 and Govenor 1.  

1880 Macon County, Warrior Stand, AL Census

Note:  Alabama, Chance and Caty are shown with the last name Wilson.  This is the only census where this occurs. 
It has not been determined when Peggy and Houston met and/or married.  See the household of Houston Wilson in the 1870 census.

Chance met Sarah Jane in the early 1880's.  

The 1890 census did not survive water and fire damage for many states.  Only fragments of the census are available.

By 1900, Chance and  Sarah Jane, along with their 7 children, are residing in the precinct of Warrior Stand, living next door to his brother Calvin Wilson

1900 Macon County, Warrior Stand, AL Census

In the 1910 Macon County, AL census Chance and Sarah are still residing in Warrior Stand along with their 10 children.

1910 Macon County, Warrior Stand, AL Census

Based on the 1920 Macon County, AL census, Chance is residing with his family in Warrior Stand, which also includes 4 grandchildren, Alonzo Harris 3; Caroline Harris 3; Ann J. 2
and Easter Harris 3/12.

1920 Macon County, Warrior Stand, AL Census

The children of Chance Harris and Sarah Jane were:

Lizzie Harris (b. 11/1883 d.?)
Filda Harris (b. 9/1885 d. ?)
Lilla Harris (b. 10/1887 d. ?)
William Harris (b. 2/1892 d. ?)
Ann Harris (b. 5/1894 d. ?)
Gussie Harris (b. 4/1896 d. ?)
Savannah Harris (b. 1/1900 d. 1963)
Prince Harris (b. 1905 d. ?)
Caroline Harris (b. 1907 d. ?)
Booker T. Harris (b. 1908 d. 2000)


Census records
:  1870 Lee County, AL Census, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 Macon County, AL Census
Documents:  Alabama Death certificate #5389 -- Date of death: March 10, 1943, in Macon County, AL as a result of cardiovascular disease, active hypertension and congestive failure.  His age at the time of death was 80.  His date of birth was noted as 1863.   His parents were noted as unknown.  The informant was his daughter Annie Lewis.   His occupation was "farmer".  His wife Sarah Jane was still living at the age of 65.  He was buried in Roba, AL officiated by the Burton Funeral Home of Tuskegee.
Oral History:  Daisy Streeter-Brown, daughter of Hattie Harris, stated that she knew one of her granduncle's daughter named Lilla. She described her as being tall with long black hair.

The parents of Annette McLane of Tuskegee, AL. Annette's parents stated they knew Chance and the he was a former member of the Pilgrim Baptist Church in Roba, AL.

Bennie Woolfolk who was the daughter of Savannah Harris. She stated that Chance was about four years old when slavery ended and he had a very bad temperament. She lived with Chance when she was a little girl. He was described as a big, tall man. At the time she was living with him, she remembered that one of his sisters were murdered. It could have been either Eliza or Silvy.