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Estate Record of Barnett Haws

The State of Alabama
Court of Probate for said County

The petition of Siddy Haws admix of the estate of Barnett Haws died respectfully showeth that the said Barnett Haws departed this life [owning] the following Negroes to wit.   Phill about 45 years of age, Jimmy about 40 years of age, Sally about 17 years of age, Jane about 15 years of age, Susan aged about 14 years, Dorinda about 11 years of age, Bob aged about 10 years, Eliza aged about 7 years and Meamitt aged about 5 years.

What the said Barnett Haws left the following named children who with your petitioner (as widow) are entitled to distributive shares in said Negro Slaves. to wit.  Monroe Haws over the age of 21 years, Guss Haws over 21 years of age, Ann Hill wife of James Hill, Emmaline Dismukes, wife of Jefferson Dismukes and the following who are all minors under 21 years of age, Nathaniel Haws, Sterling Haws, Thomas Haws, William Haws, Victoria Haws, Americus Haws, and John Haws.

Your petitioner therefore [presents] that it is necessary to sell said Negroes for distribution.  She therefore asks Your Honor to grant her an order to sell said Negroes for division and she will [pray] it.

Willis Williams
Attor for Petitioner

Before me Lewis Alexander Court of Probate for Macon County cause Siddy Haws, administratix of the estate of Barnett Haws deceased who on oath says that the facts pertained in this petition are .....

Sept 1854
Lewis Alexander
Court of Probate

Siddy[X] Weaver