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Alabama "Bama" Harris

My paternal, great grandfather, Alabama "Bama" Harris was born in Alabama to  Peggy  Harris and possibly Houston Wilson.

In the 1870 census, at the age of 11, he was found living with his mother Peggy and his siblings: Chance 10, Katie 5 and Baby 6/12, in Lee County, Alabama - Loachapoka precinct.  

1870 Lee County, Loachapoka, AL Census

In 1880, at age 19, he is residing in Macon County, Warrior Stand precinct with his mother, Peggy and step-father Houston Wilson and siblings:  Chance 17, Caty 15, Ben 12, Calvin 9, Houston Jr 4 , Silvy 3, Eliza 2 and Govenor 1

1880 Macon County, Warrior Stand, AL Census

Note:  The child Ben, born after "Caty"   appears on the 1870 census within the Houston Wilson household.  This census list Alabama with the lst name Wilson.

Alabama met and married Della Wilson Harris in the mid to late 1880's

1880 is the last census that Alabama Harris appears.

I only know of one person who actually knew and had seen my great grandfather and that was Ms. Elvira Barrow-Martin (aka Ms. Dump-a well known midwife in Tuskegee). She had mentioned on occasion to close family members, that she knew of him prior to his death. Born in 1885, it would seem very likely she had some contact with him, as well as his wife. Ms. Elvira's sister, Emma Barrow, would eventually marry Alabama's son, Frank Harris. Based on oral history, Alabama died sometime during the mid 1890's; a little before or after the death of his wife, Della Wilson Harris. Alabama was in his 30's at the time of his death; the cause of is unknown.

Children of Alabama Harris and Della Wilson

Hattie Harris
Frank Harris
James Harrris


Census records:  1870 Lee County,AL census and 1880 Macon County, AL census.
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